how toxins affect our health

Common Toxins

Everything we eat, drink, breathe or absorb through our skin has to be processed and eliminated by our bodies. Anything like this that is foreign to the body is called a xenobiotic, and when we refer to toxins in Environmental Illness, we are usually talking about xenobiotics....




When you see ‘perfume’ listed on the ingredients label of skin care products, it represents a combination of compounds which all make up the scent of the product. It isn’t possible to tell what all of these compounds are if just the term ‘perfume’ is used so...

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You’re not alone

Living with a chronic illness can be isolating and make you feel very alone. But you're not, we're here to help and here's how... Our charity was set up specifically to provide information, support and contact between people with multiple sensitivities. We provide a lot more than the few pages you...

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Is Mould making you ill?

Mould sensitivity can cause a whole variety of symptoms from wheezing and asthma to depression, rhinitis (running nose) and joint pain. Look around your house for visible signs of black moulds. Check window seals, kitchens (check the fridge/ freezer door), and behind large pieces of furniture, especially if...


Get Rid of Your Hay Fever

Top Tips to Stop Symptoms

What are you allergic to?

Pollen from trees and wind- pollinated flowers can affect people more than grass pollen. However you might also be reacting to mould and fungi spores which can also be high at the same time of year. If you...


Proved: MCS is a physical illness!

It is now beyond argument that xenobiotics have the potential to damage present and future generations.

Finally, the argument is laid to rest in an excellent, fully referenced chapter 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity' by Professor Malcolm Hooper, (Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Chief Scientific Adviser to the British...


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We set up our membership subscription as the most effective way to help people with MCS cope and start recovery. Joining not only helps you feel better but every penny goes towards keeping the charity going so we can keep helping you. You get:   Three magazines per year. This includes two 48...

Improve Your Health

Feeling ill and don't know why?
If you're suffering from a variety of unexplained symptoms, it could simply be due to a sensitivity to a food or chemical in everyday products. Reactions can vary from headaches, joint pain, stuffy/ runny nose, bloating, exhaustion and wheezing, to skin rashes, mood...