Helpful Links


Allergy UK

The leading national patient charity for people living with all types of allergy

Electro-Sensitivity UK

ES-UK is a charity providing information and support for Electro-sensitivity. Their aim is to provide unbiased and balanced information to help those who have become sensitive to mobile and cordless phones, their masts, wifi, and a multitude of common everyday electrical appliances

The leading national patient charity for people living with all types of allergy

Action for ME

Action For ME is an organisation led by people with ME for people with ME. Information and support including e-newsletters, podcasts and forum.

FAB - Food & Behaviour Research

A charity dedicated to advancing scientific research looking at nutrition and human behaviour and making the findings available.

Invest in ME

Invest in ME Research - an independent UK charity giving information and campaigning for biomedical research into ME

Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society

The Sussex and Kent ME/CFS Society inform, support and represent those affected by ME across Sussex and Kent. Services include helpline, newsletters, meetings and special interest groups.

ME Research UK

ME Research is a charity with the aim of commisioning and funding scientific investigation into the causes, consequences and treatment of ME/CFS. Research publications, studies and magazines are published twice a year.

ME Association

Research, support and information on ME. Also ME Connect Telephone Helpline service open every day

Support Groups

25 ME Group

Chemical Sensitivity Network

Blog, Forum and news for MCS, Germany

Chemical Sensitivity Network

Blog, Forum and news for MCS, Germany

Action Against Allergy

Action Against Allergy (AAA) is a registered national charity which provides help, support and advice through their forums, articles, newsletters and events.

CIIN - Chemical Injury Information Network

CIIN is a support and advocacy organisation for MCS. They are mainly involved in education and research. There is a resource library for members, a forum and monthly newsletter. They are based in America.

AMICA - Association for the Chronic or/and Environmental Injury Illness

Italian support group and information for MCS, links to pages in English.

Eclipse - Light Sensitivity

Eclipse is a light sensitivity support group and part of Lupus UK. Mainly for people who have light sensitivity as a result of Lupus but other light sensitive people can become members. Gives information, support and useful products for light sensitivity.

EHANS - Environmental Health Association of Novia Scotia

EHANS provides information and support to people already ill from environmental causes. EHANS also promotes healthier alternatives to prevent more people from becoming ill from environmental causes. EHANS serves a broad constituency across Canada, the US and beyond.

Environmental Illness Resource

The Environmental Illness Resource is an information resource and interactive community site for people suffering from a range of chronic multi-system illnesses. Tel no: 01642 986531
Address: 12, Maplewood Drive, High Farm, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS6 OGB

HACSG - Hyperactive Children's Support Group

The Hyperactive Children’s Support Group was established in 1977 to help and advise parents and professionals who would like to investigate a possible Food, Additive or Nutritional cause for a child’s ADHD / Hyperactivity.

ME/CFS Australia

ME/CFS Australia offers information and support on ME/CFS and includes a good news section about MCS.
Tel no: 0061 08 8346 3237
Address: P O Box 28, Hindmarsh, South Australia 5007

Information and support group on ME who meet in the London Borough of Havering.

Tel no:01708 576250
Address: Long Term Conditions Centre, Via Kings Park Estate, Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex, RM3 OAR