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MCS-Aware is the UK’s leading charity for environmental illness. We’re a source of support and information for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), food intolerance, and electro-sensitivity (ES).

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As well as assisting people with multiple sensitivities, we also help their carers and families, and liaise with healthcare professionals.

Our aim is to establish MCS as an officially recognised illness in the UK, as it is in some other countries, and raise awareness of the condition with the general public and media worldwide.

We are a small charity making a big difference. We receive no statutory funding. By supporting the charity you are helping to make a real difference to people’s lives.

As well as producing a monthly newsletter, we have an online forum, providing a hub for people with MCS (and ES) to connect with others and receive support and advice.

We have a discount code booklet available to members – applicable to items suitable for people with environmental illness, such as toiletries, cleaning products, nutritional/herbal supplements, paints and furniture etc.

We also have a practitioner list, detailing medical professionals with experience treating this condition, a penpal list – for those with limited online access who wish to connect with others in a similar situation- and a wallet card, for medical emergencies.

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Membership Options

There are 4 options for membership:

1.Basic e-membership – Includes monthly newsletter (by email) and access to the online forum.


2.Supporting e-membership – [‘Friends of MCS-Aware’]  For those who wish to include an additional monthly donation with their e-membership, as a Friend of MCS-Aware, to help support the vital work we do raising awareness of MCS and environmental illness, and assisting those affected.

Benefits include monthly e-newsletter + forum access, as above, with discount code booklet, practitioner list and wallet card, available on request.

Monthly donation: £1.75.

You can also use the donate button to set up an additional monthly donation- to support the vital work the charity does- as a top-up to your supporting e-membership subscription, if you would like and are able to.

If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, to support MCS-Aware’s vital work, rather than signing-up to ongoing membership, please use the ‘Donate’ button to do so.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time via your membership account.

Thank you so much for your support, which is greatly appreciated.

3.Postal membership

We know that many people with environmental illness have difficulty using computers, so we also offer postal membership:

As well as an on line forum account (if required), postal members receive the newsletter by post (in batches of 6, twice yearly, at summer and Christmas), access to the discount code booklet and  supplier list, and practitioner or penpal lists upon request.

All our online help-sheets are also available by post, for those who have limited internet access [a small additional admin fee is required, if ordering more than 3].

Welcome pack for new postal members includes current supplier list (for useful products), discount code booklet, list of help-sheets and wallet card. All printed on chlorine-free paper using soy-based link, to suit those with chemical sensitivities.

The minimum subscription fee for postal membership is £2 per month (to cover printing, postage and admin costs), with the option to include an additional donation [via the donate button]– to support the vital work the charity does – if you would like and are able to.

For overseas postal members, there is a minimum charge of £3 per month, to cover additional postage charges [please see option number 4 below].

If you would prefer to make a one-off donation, to support MCS-Aware’s vital work, rather than signing-up to ongoing membership, please use the ‘Donate’ button to do so. You can also make a recurring donation of any amount using this link, separate to or in addition to your membership subscription.

Alternatively, to sign up for postal membership via a standing order with your bank, rather than online, please contact us by email or post for a form (and don’t forgot to let us know when you have set this up, so we can register your membership).

To send a donation to the charity by post, please make cheques payable to MCS-Aware and send to our postal address (below).

Subscriptions or standing orders can be cancelled at any time via your online membership account or with your bank.

4.Overseas Postal Membership 

All the same benefits as above, for standard postal membership, but with a minimum monthly charge of £3 per month to cover additional postal costs.

Thank you so much for your support, which is greatly appreciated.

Every penny the charity receives helps us help you and goes towards things like printing, website maintenance, postage, and all the everyday costs associated with running a charity. We don’t make a profit and receive no external funding, relying solely on subscriptions and donations to keep everything going. So if you are affected by sensitivity to chemicals in everyday products, have food intolerance or electro-sensitivity, start feeling better and join us today!

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Any questions? Email:

Or write to us at: MCS-Aware, Suite 15, Intech House, Wilbury Way, Hitchin, Herts. SG4 0TW (UK).

Subscribers’ comments:


“I must say I think it is brilliant. Well done for such an informative mag.” – Lyndsey McManus, Allergy UK
“I suffer from both these conditions and am virtually housebound. I have had these conditions for approx. 22 years now, although they have gradually become more severe, and at first I could tolerate certain things that are impossible to live with now. Most people think I am a time wasting/difficult person, and I have lost a lot of my former friends because they just don’t understand my condition (where is the rash, the cough, the broken bone?). However through all this I have managed to keep my optimism and hope that one day either a cure or a world recognition of this horrible illness will highlight my(our) problems.” B.D.


Sharing a laugh about something so profoundly difficult as MCS with someone who really understands is great. Thank you.” E.D.
” I just sat and read your magazine. It is fantastic. Really inspiring.” L.F.
“Thank you so much for this wonderful magazine, it is so nice to know you are not alone.” R.A.