The Charity for Environmental Illness

In 2019, MCS-Aware is launching its new ‘100’ fundraising appeal. The charity is aiming to reach out to 100 people who could make a commitment to give as little as £3 a month, to help MCS-Aware continue the critical work it carries out supporting people with MCS, and raising awareness of the condition. You can download the form here, please feel free to photocopy this form and distribute as widely as possible.

We are currently putting together the next edition of the MCS-Aware magazine. If you are happy to share your story of living with MCS please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know. It can be added to the magazine anonymously. Thank you.

Want information on ways to deal with your MCS? Why not join the MCS-Aware support group to get access to a whole heap of benefits that can support you and your illness. With access to over 50 helpsheets (and new ones being added regularly), a Penpal directory that allows you (if you wish) to either speak to or write to other support group members who understand your journey. A booklet giving discounts on MCS related products & services and a jam packed magazine. For as little as £1.92 per month let us help you feel better. Find out more.


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A typical electrical #cooker gives off strong EM fields, stay a few feet away whenever possible whilst cooking.

by MCS-Aware