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Want to know which toiletries are safe?   What cleaning products to use?   Where to find an MCS practitioner? You don't have to pay to join MCS-Aware, you can download some of our leaflets free and get our e-newsletter. However if you do join we can send you even...




UK:    Support group members can now receive a list of recommended practitioners by email or post. Simply contact us. Become a support group member here. If you are not a support group member please contact the British Society of Ecological Medicine for a registered practitioner near...

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Magazine Submissions

Submissions for the MCS Magazine are always welcome provided they fit with our ethos and are beneficial to people with chemical, food or electro-sensitivities. Writers who contribute an article (Approx. 750 words) that is published in the magazine will receive one free copy of the magazine. Existing subscribers will receive...


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Does your company sell organic, eco or allergy-related products or services?

You can advertise your goods via our newsletter or website from as little as £20! Simply provide us with your text and images (see below for dimensions) and we'll take care of the rest. Advertise your services or products to a...

Sample Magazine 2016 final versionfront coverONLINE

MCS Magazine

The MCS-Aware magazine is for anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities, food intolerance and electro-sensitivities. Full of really useful information, practical solutions, ideas and recipes to help you improve your health and get the most out of life.

There are 3 editions per year.  Available worldwide by email or post on...