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MCS-Awareness Month

green and yellow ribbon with text May is MCS-Awareness month and this year we're asking everyone to go fragrance-free. We have a new poster and leaflet to help spread awareness of fragrance sensitivity. You can help by sharing them on social media, or why not put up a poster in your local shop, library or community centre. We also have a new 'scent free zone' poster. Have a look at our May resources HERE.

Apart from raising awareness of chemical, food and electro-sensitivities, our charity is also trying to raise funds so we can carry on supporting people with environmental illness. If you've got an idea for a fundraising event then get in touch and tell us about it. Even if you are housebound, we have plenty of ideas in our FUNdraising pack which you can download HERE. Why not get someone to stop wearing perfume for a week in May and sponsor them to do it? Print out a sponsor form here.

We'll be posting top tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages every day to celebrate MCS-Awareness month so join in and share: #MCSawarenessMONTH  or check our homepage for the latest posts. Please share our pictures and posts on social media so we can ensure as many people as possible become aware of the effects of environmental illness. Have a look at this cartoon:

Frustrated that MCS isn't properly recognised as a chronic, physical illness?

You CAN make a difference. Our awareness ribbon colours are yellow and green so we want you to go yellow and green too! Download our MCS-Awareness pack as a pdf here. Make cakes, dress up, cover your desk in yellow and green post-it notes, wear a tie or hat or green socks, put up bunting or flags, change your social media profile to a yellow canary…  Make people aware of MCS. Positive publicity can help promote tolerance and understanding in the community, making life easier for sufferers. Use your yellow and green awareness day to raise money so MCS-Aware can continue to help people with environmental illness and get MCS recognised as a chronic physical illness. Be creative: Download our new fundraising pack for simple, fun ideas even if you’re housebound.

We have loads of free resources to help you raise awareness click here to see them all.round MCS-awareness badge

If you like what we do then we need your help to continue.

MCS-Aware is the UK's leading charity for MCS. We help people worldwide, are run by volunteers, and rely on donations to continue our work. Read about our projects here. Every penny helps us continue supporting people with MCS and get this devastating illness properly recognised. Encourage people to donate. Text “CNRY14 £5” (or any amount you wish) to 70070. You can also donate online via our homepage, BACS bank transfer, or send us a cheque or international postal order addressed to ‘MCS-Aware’. For more details see involved

Why yellow and green?  

People with MCS are often called ‘canaries’ after the birds miners took down the coal mines to warn them of toxic gases. Yellow represents the colours of the canary, while green refers to the environment.  Why May? May 12th is the birth date of  pioneering nurse Florence Nightingale. In her later years, she developed an extremely debilitating disease that would fit the symptom list for neuro-endocrine-immune diseases such as MCS, Gulf War Illness, ME/ CFS. Get involved, download your MCS-Awareness pack here.

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