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As part of the Safe as Houses Project, Gillian McCarthy (scientific advisor for MCS-Aware)  is conducting trials to develop a Low Allergen, Low Emission (LELA) garden suitable for people with allergies and environmental illness. The planting is organic, low allergen, low pollen, low fragrance and free from terpenes.

Rare food plants are being trialled to provide organic food suitable for people with severe food intolerance. The first garden is in Somerset and a second is being trialled in Hertfordshire.

garden clubGarden Club

Support group members can benefit from discounts on organic seeds and gardening equipment from several companies including Tamar Organic and Suttons Seeds. (To join the support group click here).

Articles about suitable plants and growing techniques are included in the MCS-Aware magazine which is issued quarterly by post or email. Click here for details.


Gillian (a horticulturalist, biochemist and severe EI sufferer) is in the process of editing a bophotos 2008 032webok with tips for people gardening with environmental ilness, physical disablilities and allergies. You can download the first chapter which has information for health practitioners and carers here:   Gardening for MCS (PDF 83KB)

It is the first chapter of a gardening book for those with MCS, allergies or who are physical disabled. written by Gillian McCarthy BSc, MBIAC

Gillian has also written many articles on subjects helpful to people with chemical, food and electro-sensitivities. Support group members can request any of the articles by post or email, and many have appeared in past editions of the MCS-Aware Magazine. They include:

Are you a mosquito magnet?

Help for Hay Fever

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