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Proved: MCS is a physical illness!

It is now beyond argument that xenobiotics have the potential to damage present and future generations.

Finally, the argument is laid to rest in an excellent, fully referenced chapter 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity' by Professor Malcolm Hooper, (Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Chief Scientific Adviser to the British Gulf War Veterans Association ). Published in 'Psychiatry: An Evidence Based Text'.

Professor Hooper comments:

  • On average 1.5 in 10 people suffer from MCS
  • The British Society of Ecological Medicine (BSEM) has published substantial evidence of MCS as an organic illness that can be diagnosed and treated effectively.
  • A report by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution endorsed the validity of MCS in its appendices
  • The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veteran's Illnesses from the USA summarized epidemiological studies indicating that 28-32 per cent of veterans are now ill with symptoms including MCS
  • Many countries now officially recognise MCS as a physical illness including Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, Australia, Canada and the USA
  • MCS is classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) under the codes: T78.4 and S00-T98

The most important form of effective treatment is the removal of incitants and the provision of a clean and controlled living environment Subsequent paragraphs discuss various concepts and mechanisms including damage to deep brain structures, metabolism and chemicals, genetics, and Martin Pall's review of the nitric oxide/ peroxynitrate hypothesis.

In summary there is no longer any excuse for medical practitioners or the media to dismiss MCS as a psychiatric condition. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a physical illness. Professor Hooper concludes:

“MCS is a medical, scientific, political, legal and social issue that needs to be addressed within our society as a matter of urgency. It is now beyond argument that xenobiotics have the potential to damage present and future generations.” ..the so-called ‘unexplained illnesses’ are to a large degree explained – the controversy is at an end. Pall, 2007

  • Chapter 50: 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity' by Professor Malcolm Hooper Ph.D., B.Pharm., C.Chem., MRIC. in Psychiatry: An evidence-based text. Prof. Basant Puri,Dr. Ian Treasaden. Hardback. £130.00. ISBN: 9780340950050. Published: 27/11/2009.
  • Download pdf here
  • Download pdf annotated by Gillian McCarthy, scientific advisor here


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