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My Story: Proof of the Pudding

proof of the pudding is not in the eating

I’d felt unwell for almost 3 years with constipation and bloating. I felt as if my "battery had gone flat". Work was a struggle with physical and mental fatigue. Every morning when I woke up I thought "if I could only have another couple of hours sleep I'll feel better", but of course that never worked.

My doctors tried various things - medication for anxiety and for depression, thyroxin for a under active thyroid and I attended counselling, relaxation and meditation sessions with little change. I had tried to clean up my diet keeping to complex carbohydrates, low fat and sugar and as much fruit and vegetables as I could manage, but I was still not feeling right. Then I came across an article on food intolerance.

I'd understood you were often intolerant to the things you ate and liked most so I decided to cut out milk products completely as I had been having bio yoghurt every day for breakfast, cheese often for a snack or in a sandwich for lunch and a healthy cereal with milk in it for supper. I'd also occasionally binge on condensed milk! It took about 4 or 5 days and then I suddenly felt awake again and my energy returned, For the first time in ages I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Little things that used to feel like a chore suddenly became easy. I used to try and avoid walking the dog and cooking, preferring to go and have a sleep instead, but now it seemed an easy job. For me the proof of the pudding was NOT in the eating - milk products that is!

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