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Smart Meters Affect Children


Children are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation of all kinds because their skulls are thinner and their immune systems are not fully developed. The current health and safety guidelines were formed as a rsult of tests on healthy adult males. They do not take into account the difference between adults and children. (Would you give your child an adult dose of medicine?)

The compulsory Smart Meters will continuously emit pulsed microwave radiation in every home, business and school in the UK. The radiation is likely to affect the health of babies, children, and anyone with a compromised immune system.

How will Smart Meters affect children’s health?

This year the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed radiofrequent radiation (Wireless Smart Meters) may cause cancer. Worldwide research also links this type of radiation to sleep problems, behavioural difficulties, heart disease, decreased fertility, diabetes, and birth defects. To set safety levels, government and industry use guidelines that relate to the heating effects of radiation. They know it’s the non-heating effects that make people ill but they’re hoping we won’t notice.

Do you have a mobile phone?
If you or your neighbours have a mobile phone, DECT cordless phone, Wi-Fi, Blackberry, Wi-Max, or any other wireless gadgets, baby monitors or games consoles, or your children live or go to school near a phone mast or electricity pylon, the total amount of radiation from these sources can be quite high. When the Smart Meter network is installed this combined exposure may exceed the recommended safety levels for non-thermal radiation. Nobody will check the levels in your home or your child’s school. No research has been done on the cumulative effects of pulsed microwave radiation over a child’s lifetime.  Read more about cumulative exposure...

Why don't we hear about this risk from the media?

Few journalists have scientific training and an impression is easily created that the studies do not point in any clear direction. It is hard for the media to interpret the confused messages. The uncertainty discourages them from reporting the subject much and when they do, the extent of the evidence indicating a risk is obscured by the industry-funded or short-term studies that appear to not show a link. Read more...

What Can You Do?

Reduce your child's exposure to radiation from wireless gadgets by replacing them with cabled versions. At home re-route mobile phones to landlines. Before going to sleep turn off mobile phones or put them on flight mode. Make sure your child's chair and bed are not next to a source of electricity or above electricity meters.Don't let them sit within 2 metres of the TV.

Decide to keep you existing analogue meters for electric, gas and water (you can buy energy monitors separately). Choose new household appliances that are not 'smart' - those that don't connect with Wi-Fi.

At school find out the policy on wireless radiation eg does it affect every classroom, is there a mobile phone mast nearby? It is very likely that neither the teachers, governors or parents will know about the issues. Have a look at the leaflets and resources from  and


 Frequently Asked Questions:

 Surely tiny levels of radiation from digital baby monitors, mobile and cordless phones on standby and wi-fi networks can't be a problem?

Why aren't our health protection agencies getting involved?  

Why don't official regulations protect us? 

Isn’t it the government’s job to protect the public against health risks?

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